What Was Mary Trump’s Reply To The Question Of Whether Her Uncle Would Run For President Again?


One member of Donald Trump’s family broke ranks and spoke out against him during his presidency. Mary Trump, the niece of the former President, wrote a book with a huge success that gave detailed insight into her extended family’s inner workings. She has a second book called “The Reckoning” and is just as passionate about her uncles’ political life. She was recently asked if her uncle would run again in 2024. She may be surprised by her response.
According to the Washington Examiner, signs suggest that the ex-president will run for office in 2024, but he hasn’t yet decided. Recent rumors indicate he was getting serious about running again. Sean Spicer, his express secretary, stated recently that “he’s in.” Spicer recently claimed: “He’s in.” “A couple of months ago, I wasn’t sure,” “Now, we need to do something that will keep him away,” he said. Politico claims that discussions have taken place within the former President’s camp over a potential choice for his vice-presidential running mate.

Mary told MSNBC in February that she thought he would pretend to run for office. She suggested that he’d keep the “grift” but would eventually lose it. Does her opinion have changed?

Mary Trump is concerned about Donald Trump’s 2024 run.

Mary Trump spoke out in a CNN interview with Jake Tapper. She said she had changed her mind about her uncle, former President Donald Trump's candidacy for 2024. "If you asked me that question back in November or Dec, I would have replied decisively no," she said. She reiterated that she believed he would not be beaten again as he was in November 2020. But, her perspective has changed.

She said that "But the problem it is, he keeps getting away avec stuff," during her interview on August 17. "People are still fascinated by him. She added that "Republicans... continue traveling to see his ring to kiss it." Mary provided examples of Republican party support for issues closely aligned to former president Joe Biden's priorities. She also discussed the reaction to January 6's incident at the Capital.

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Mary also pointed to the voting-related legislation being taken up and voted on in many states by Republicans. She fears it will all "rig the system further in Republican's favor." All of this being said, Mary admitted, "If Donald gets up to the point, presuming he's still free, where he feels he can lose, why wouldn't he run?" This idea is something that she finds alarming. However, she stated, "That's something we should fear in all our hearts."

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