The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Wore a Dress at Kanye West’s Donda Event Was Raising Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have been going through a divorce, but she is still open to supporting him. She did just that when she attended his highly anticipated “Donda” event on Thursday night (or early Friday morning). This is.


Consequence tweeted about the reasons that the show at Soldier Field was so popular. One, Marilyn Manson and DaBaby both showed up — two men in scandalous circumstances. Ye also added to the excitement by setting himself on fire, setting off an alarmingly intense flame. Ye set himself on fire with safety precautions.

Fans were not only left buzzing from the event, but they also looked for fire extinguishers. Kim Kardashian, the rapper’s soon-to-be-ex, was also present in a dress that is sure to spark speculation during the show.

Kim Kardashian wore a wedding outfit to an ex’s party.

Fans might not have realized it was Kim Kardashian when she stepped out during Kanye West’s “Donda” event because she was wearing a veil. This unusual accessory is even more logical when considering that she was also wearing an elegant wedding dress. She walked out wearing a Balenciaga Couture dress that many brides would love.

Kim approached the man she shared four children with and was married to in 2014. He kept his eyes fixed on her and made her with an almost adoring gaze. Were we not all imagining that we were about to witness their vow renewals? No. TMZ stated that sources with direct knowledge have shown that the two are not back together but are always family. Kim and Kanye have upheld each other’s endeavors and will do as such later on, whether or not it is a cooperative exertion.

According to TMZ, Kim was “happy to do it for Kanye and the event. They give off an impression of being made an honest effort not to separate, although they are as yet infatuated.

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