Lisa’s Solo Debut Has Finally Been Given A Release Date. The Album Name Is Now Official.

Lisa New Album

After much anticipation and speculation, BLACKPINK singer Rose, an Australian-native, released her first solo album, “Rose.” K-Pop fans around the globe were captivated by the album’s release. BLACKPINK’s popularity as a group is growing each day. This begs the question: who will be following Rose’s footsteps? It seems that we may have found the answer. BLACKPINK’s Lisa has confirmed that her solo album will drop on September 1.
We all agree that this is a significant amount of information. This is especially true considering Lisa’s solo venture. We now know a lot more than we did then. Fear not! We’ve created a handy timeline to help you follow.

Harpers Bazaar Thailand posted a photo of the Thai-born megastar on their Instagram in April. The caption indicated that the artist would make her highly-anticipated solo album in June. At the time, there was no confirmation from her agency Y.G. Entertainment as to whether these rumors were true. Also, we didn’t know when we might expect a solo record.

They did, however, send a cryptic message to The Korea Herald informing that Lisa is still working hard on their album. This made BLACKPINK, and Kpop fans feel less than impressed.

Fans were unsure what to think of the radio silence when Lisa’s June release date arrived and went without a solo debut. As Lisa and BLACKPINK are known, there was a plan. Lisa posted the long-awaited teaser posters for her solo release on Instagram earlier in the week. And it seems like history is about to be made. However, we were left with no information or release date.

Lisa New Album

A week can make a huge difference. K-Pop’s star took to social media overnight to share a new poster. This revealed that the album would drop on September 1 and shared her first single album title: LALISA. Fans won’t be disappointed when the album is named after the Thai rapper’s full name.
Pre-orders are now possible in CD, K.I.T., and vinyl formats for those who cannot wait. A photo book of 88 pages, Polaroids, postcards, and double-sided posters will be included with any CD purchase. It’s a nice incentive. On the official website, you can find more information on how to purchase the album.

Lisa has become a mainstay icon in the world of fashion, beauty, and music. Celine is her ultimate inspiration, and M.A.C. Cosmetics is her makeup and beauty guru. This seems like the best chance to make her an independent craftsman, at the stature of her vocation.BLACKPINK’s commitment is an additional compliment.

Lisa New Allbum

Rose, a BLACKPINK fellow member, achieved significant success with her solo debut. Lisa can expect the same. Rose’s music clip for “On The Ground” was viewed 41.6million times on YouTube in 24 hours. This feat surpasses the 8-year-old record held by Korean musician Psy.

With so much to prove and gain, Lisa’s solo debut is sure to be a huge success. Stay tuned for more information about the announcement.

Lisa new album

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