Kim Kardashian’s Beautician Andrew Fitzsimons Shows How to Reproduce Her Smooth Braids at Home


Love is in the hair! Big name hair specialist Andrew Fitzsimons has made some of Kim Kardashian’s most famous hair looks including her smooth plaits, delicate and pleated waves, slicked-back buns, pin straight hair, free twists, and more consistently.

And keeping in mind that we will be unable to change around our locks as much of the time as The Kardashians star does, the hair master took to virtual entertainment to exhibit a bit by bit process on the best way to reproduce quite possibly of his most pursued style: a smooth braid.

The Andrew Fitzsimons Hair organizer showed his Kim Kardashian-roused daily schedule on model Kenna Sharp on TikTok, with the assistance of the Bellami Silk Crease 24″ Hair Expansions and absolute necessities from his own line.
“I get going by fixing the hair. Fortunately, the crease of these augmentations are so slender, you could put them truly near the front,” he says in the video.
The mane master then puts the expansions down on different segments, all toward where you’d maintain that your pig tail should be, and ties them up in a pin that isn’t excessively close.

From that point, Fitzsimons suggests utilizing his Andrew Fitzsimons Hair Crystal Sparkle Relaxing Crème to assist with bringing the leftover hair back up into another pig tail, prior to covering the clasp with a little piece of hair, and protecting the look with hairspray.

For a reliable reflexive completion, the hair specialist utilizes his Andrew Fitzsimons Crystal Sparkle Imperceptible Sparkle Hair Splash, which he accepts is the main step.

“See that sparkle! That transforms this investigate a very smooth, grabbed pig tail,” he shouts.

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