Kendall Jenner deleted Her Instagram Account In 2016 For A Real Reason

Kendall Jenner is a top-paid model. She collaborates with brands like Versace and Jacquemus. Her covers appear on Vogue, Architectural Digest, Allure, and Vogue. So, it is no wonder she boasts 185 million Instagram followers.


She may have launched her career as a reality star on Keeping Up with the Kardashians has propelled that into many different opportunities for herself. Jenner is everywhere, from tabloids to social networks. In 2016, Jenner was at the top of her game. She was at the Met Gala and walked the glitter runway for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show one year later. She also answered 73 questions to Vogue. Kylie Jenner appeared on “Today” along with Jenner. She has some famous models friends, including her BFFs Bella Hadid and Gigi Haydi, which adds to the glamour and glitz.

However, at some point, it can get overwhelming. Jenner has been open about her anxiety and mental health struggles and told Vogue in may that even though she is blessed, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel real-life emotions and feelings. Jenner has nearly 200 million Instagram followers. So how does Jenner cope with the mental pressure?

What is the reason she deleted her Instagram in 2016?

Kendall Jenner deleted Instagram for her mental health.

In November 2016, fans of Kendall Jenner were shocked to learn the model had deleted her Instagram account with no warning. Teen Vogue reports that the media and her fans quickly noticed Kendall Jenner’s disappearance. However, they were not surprised to learn that she did not delete her Instagram account or Twitter.

The star returned to the app quickly, however. After only being away for a week, she posted a few photos with her friends to announce her return to the app. The model spoke briefly to Ellen DeGeneres about her social media detox. “I needed a little break. It would be my first thing in the morning, and I would look at it every day before I went to bed. It was a bit too dependent,” she said.
Jenner has not been the only one to take a break from social media — but this time, she deleted her Instagram account and not the app. Allure reported that she discovered Kylie could not put her phone down while on vacation in 2016 with Kylie Jenner. “That was when it all clicked for me. It wasn’t something I liked. She explained that sometimes I have to delete Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Snapchat from my smartphone for a few days.”

Kendall Jenner is still a proponent of mental well-being.

Kendall Jenner spoke out about social media’s impact on mental health after she departs from Instagram. Vogue featured her in a video series called Open Minded, where she talked to mental health professionals about helping to stigmatize mental illness.

Jenner shared her thoughts on social media and mental health during the series. Vogue reported that Jenner said she feels more detached from her body and what is happening in front of her than when she’s looking at a computer screen. Jenner explained that she struggles to log out sometimes, despite knowing how addictive social networking can be.

Jenner, who took a break from social media in 2016, told Ellen DeGeneres she couldn’t believe that it was making the news. “It was so unbelievable to me that it became such big news,” she stated. “I didn’t realize that anybody was discussing this. I didn’t figure anybody would be intrigued. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by social media. Here are five social media management tools and with my GTA clients to help them take control of the social media machine to attract leads and raise their business profile. It’s not uncommon for people to get so obsessed with it that they don’t even realize its importance.

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