DIY Diet Plan for Detoxing and Removing Parasites in 7 Days

I want to share with you my 7 day DIY home diet plan for detoxing and removing parasites in your body. I know it sounds weird but we’ve all experienced parasites at some point or another and it can be difficult to remove them from your body. This diet plan will help you make sure that your body gets everything it needs to get rid of those pesky little guys! Let’s get started!


Detoxifying your body
The goal of this plan is to cleanse your system, remove toxins, and help remove any parasites that may be residing within you. This includes various foods to avoid as well as certain types of water. It’s imperative that you stay away from these ingredients during this time. Doing so will help your body work through the various stages of the detox process without feeling overwhelmed by what’s being thrown at it.
A water filter is required to make sure that any of the unsafe elements are removed before they can seep into your system and cause some unwanted side effects. By using safe water while detoxing, you’re ensuring that you get plenty of fluids but also don’t add anything extra to your system that could potentially make matters worse.

Ingredients and recipes
If you are ready to try a cleansing detox, this post will help walk you through the first step. These recipes are easy to make, require no expensive kitchen equipment, and contain natural ingredients that make them suitable for those with special dietary needs. In addition to the diet plan, these recipes offer a way to experience the benefits of remineralizing the body. And even if you don’t want to go on a full detox or can’t imagine giving up your favorite food group forever, it might be worth trying some of these recipes as part of your regular diet routine. In fact, I’m considering adding some of these into my own meal plan on a weekly basis!

Day 1 – Wake up
For your first day of detox, eat as much fresh fruit as you want. This includes apples, oranges, pears, grapes etc. Be sure to avoid fruits like bananas which are high in sugar. Another good option is to juice your own produce or blend up a green smoothie. If these seem daunting or you don’t know where to start, we’ve created a simple recipe template for each day of the detox which we’ll send along with instructions on how to change the quantities based on your specific needs.

Day 2 – Breakfast
During day two of the DIY diet plan, it is important to make breakfast as nutritious as possible. It will provide the body with necessary energy to get through the day. For instance, oatmeal is a good choice as it provides essential vitamins that are lost during periods of intense physical activity or while under stress. Add some fruits or nuts if desired, plus milk or non-dairy milk alternative like almond milk. Avoid refined sugars, white breads and pastries which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

Day 3 – Lunch
3. 1/2 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, one garlic clove, two red bell peppers all finely chopped. Add 2 tbsp of tahini paste and 2 tbsp lemon juice with a dash of cumin. Mix well together. Sprinkle with sumac (optional).

Day 4 – Dinner
The recipe includes ingredients such as vegetables, garlic, onion, ginger, garlic powder, beef bouillon cubes, water and brown rice. First thing you need to do is preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then prepare your vegetables by cutting them into bite-sized pieces or dicing them. Next add the broth mix to cover the veggies and boil it until it’s cooked. After this have a small saucepan with the additional broth ready to boil the veggies then add brown rice with some water so it can cook evenly. Place your veggies over top of the rice then bake for 30 minutes (timing may vary). Your finished product should resemble a bowl of thick soup that’s delicious when served warm on chilly days!

Day 5 – Late Lunch or Early Dinner
The fifth day is a resting day. The goal is to avoid eating any heavy food, so find easy low calorie snacks that are nutritious. Take a walk with your dog, read a book, go out and enjoy the weather! This is also a great day to start weaning yourself off coffee by cutting back on caffeine or giving it up completely. Add peppermint tea (herbal tea) as an alternative.

Day 7 – Cleanse & Checkup. What next?
The first few days of this diet plan focused on removing the parasites from your body, which you should do at least two or three times a year. However, it’s never too late to cleanse. All you need to do is drink plenty of fluids (at least two liters of water) throughout the day, eat mostly raw foods and incorporate diatomaceous earth into your meals as much as possible. Diatomaceous earth is ground up microscopic organisms found mainly in freshwater lakes that are also highly absorbent to things like heavy metals and other toxins.

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